Paris Cocktails II: Le Mary Celeste

Our quest to cover the Paris cocktail scene continues with a visit to Le Mary Celeste.


Tiara is not impressed by the fancy cursive neon

We started with Mina and California Dreaming.

cocktails from Le Mary Celeste

Mina (left) and California Dreaming (right)

Mina (left) was a bourbon, amaro, lemon, sherry, and strawberry combo. We think the amaro, Braulio (?), kind of overpowered this one. The nose was lovely strawberry, but the palate was pure menthol. Kind of a shame, because I think it’s a smart drink otherwise.

California Dreaming was sherry, house orgeat, citrus, and apricot pure. It was a touch sweet; the net effect was kind of like drinking marzipan. But a much better drink overall.

We also tried an order of the house deviled eggs, which was a clever take with some asian influences. Soy eggs, puffed rice, pickled onions, and sesame oil. A touch heavy on the sesame, but a solid and interesting dish. Pardon the dark room photography; we’re pushing the limits of our iphones.

Deviled eggs from Le Mary Celeste

Oeuf de Diable


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