Making Connections

When we were in Paris, the Pompidou had a Le Corbosier exhibit. One of the things he was big on was the Modulor. Basically it’s some golden ratio driven hooey about how much space a person takes up. Disturbingly, many of his renderings of this concept feature lumpy crab-human hybrids in psychadellic compositions.


Note the powerful psionic waves emanating from the claw. I, for one, welcome our new crab-men overlords



Lego Concentration Camp

This was on display at the MOCAK contemporary art museum in Krakow.  Apparently it was done with cooperation from Lego.


Photographs showing the lego concentration camp set.


Unfolded boxes for the lego concentration camp sets.

The holocaust is such a hard thing to understand on a personal level; the scale is just too big.  Different approaches can help make the problem relatable for different people.  The combination of mass produced children’s toys and assembly-line genocide was surprisingly powerful to me.


A selection of unrelated things

There are a lot of pictures I’ve earmarked for blog posts that just don’t have enough meat to stand on their own. Here’s a photo dump of quirky things we’ve seen across our trip.

Water Bus – Budapest


I could have used one of these on my last trip when the bridges were washed out from the floods

Pretty sure a strong wind would blow this thing on its side. It looks amazing though. (more…)