Michael Cera and Unicorns and Rainbows

Okay, only one Unicorn. And no rainbows. But still: one of the guys from my top three bands, plus one of the guys from my top three TV shows, on the same stage, making indie music. It’s like god made a weird supergroup just for me.

Michael Cera and Alden Penner perform at badaboom in Paris

Michael Cera thanks the crowd in broken french for “la grand soiree, la bonne fete, la bonne amie … and leche”

I’ve heard Michael Cera’s solo release, plus some of Alden Penner’s stuff, but didn’t know they were doing a thing together until we saw the show listing. The show was actually pretty good, if you’re into this kind of stuff.

We saw the act at Badaboum, which was your standard “small box” kind of venue. Despite it being an insane 98 degrees outside, it was still tolerable inside. There was also a small rise around the bar, which meant Tiara could actually see things/not spend an evening in other people’s armpits.

We grabbed a video of their last song. Surround yourself with a hundred sweaty french people and it’ll be just like you were there:

Dig that atonal indie folk rock. Yeah!


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