Stockholm City Guide

Stockholm Waterfront


Södermalm is a hip neighborhood with lots of restaurants, bars, and interesting shops. It is well-located for exploring the rest of Stockholm and has easy access to transit.   Östermalm also looked like a good neighborhood if you want to be near boutiques and shopping streets.

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  • Take a long walk along the water to see the many islands of Stockholm. Beginning on Södermalm, walk along Söder Mälarstrand until you get to Västerbron. Cross the bridge to Kungsholmen and walk along Norr Mälarstrand and up into the shopping streets of Östermalm. Walk back to Södermalm via Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan.
  • Visit the Vasa Museum to see the reconstructed, salvaged wreckage of a giant 17th century ship.



  • Akkurat: Large selection of beers on tap and in bottles, including vintage Cantillon and various Belgian gueuzes and sours.

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